Miri Levin Rozalis

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Academic Activities

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a. Positions in academic administration

2008 – 2009 Head of Educational Management, Policy and Society track, Department of Education, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev
2006 – 2008 Co-head qualification in evaluation program for teachers' educators
The Mofet Institute Intercollegiate Research Authority, Tel Aviv
2005 – 2010 Head Graduate and Post Graduate program in Evaluation.
Department of Education, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev
2006 – 2008 Member of the committee for PhD students, Department of Education, Ben-Gurion University
2003 – 2006 Member of the university committee for improve teaching evaluation
2002 – Member of the management committee of the united research centers of the department of education  Ben-Gurion University
1998 – 2002 Member of the instruction committee, Department of Education, Ben-Gurion University
1996 – Director of the Unit for Assisting Research and Evaluation, Department of Education, Ben Gurion University
1982 – 1987 Principal Evaluator of the Evaluation and Organizational Unit of the Humphrey Center.

b. Professional functions outside universities

2010 Evaluation consultant for the Davidson Institute of Science Education at the Weizmann Institute of Science
2006 – 2009 Co-head qualification in evaluation program for teachers' teachers
Moffet Research Institute, Tel Aviv
2005 – Member of the Research-Colleague Network, Moffet Institute, Tel Aviv.
2004 Member of the Committee for Integrating Internal Evaluation in School system in Israel. Subcommittee of the Dovrat National Mission Force. The Ministry of Education.
2002 Member of the steering committee for evaluation of the Karev Program for Involvement in Education. Karev programs function in more than 45% of elementary schools in Israel.
1998 – 2005 Management member of IAPE– Israeli Association for project evaluation
2001 – 2003 Chairperson of IAPE – Israeli Association for project evaluation. The professional association of evaluators in Israel.

c. International Professional activities

 1998 – 2004 Israeli representative in The Effectiveness Initiative (E.I.) is an in-depth study structured as a cross-agency, cross-site exchange that stimulates continuing dialogue about effective programming in the field of Early Childhood Care and Development. Member of the international research group researching the effectiveness of early childhood initiatives in ten countries: Philippines, India, Kenya, Mozambique, Israel, The Netherlands, Portugal, Colombia, Peru and Honduras.  The Effectiveness Initiative research is an initiative of the Bernard van Leer foundation. Other international bodies such as UNICEF, Save the Children Fund, Aga Khan Foundation and the World Bank became partners of the initiative in different levels.

The intention of the project is to discover factors that influence early childhood programs' effectiveness in different settings, situations and context.

2000 – 2003 Israeli representative in The Tracer Studies – an initiative of the Bernard van Leer Foundation, The Netherlands. This is an effort to trace former participants of early childhood project and programs. Nine countries were part of this mutual initiative: Jamaica, Kenya, Botswana, Trinidad, Ireland, Israel, Colombia, USA, and Honduras.
 2002 – Re-composing culture – An international research of three cultures undergoing massive cultural changes: The Indians in Peru, The Ethiopian population in Israel and the Aeta in the Philippines. The Aeta people had to move because of a catastrophe (volcano eruption); the Ethiopian population immigrated to Israel and in Peru the “mainstream culture” is invading the natives' culture and forcing them to change. The research follows the role of children in these cultural changes, through five themes: Society and cultural structure; Family roles and structure; learning and acquiring knowledge; partnerships and health and nutrition.
 2004 Consulting the evaluation team of the Faculty of Psychology: Built in evaluation for the faculty new learning program. UNAM Mexico city, Mexico

d. Significant professional consulting

 2010 Steering committee member of the “School Evaluation Network” Karev programs, Israel
 2004 Consulting the evaluation team of the Faculty of Psychology: Built in evaluation for the faculty new learning program. UNAM Mexico city, Mexico
2000 – 2003 Supervisor of the manager and members of the evaluation unit, “Karev-Programs for Educational Involvement” that work in 45% of the elementary schools in Israel.
2000 – 2002 Academic consultant vis-a-vis the process of assimilation of internal evaluation and organizational learning in a large experimental high school (Mekif G).
2002 Supervisor and advisor of the “School Evaluation Network” in Israel
1997 – 1998 Member of the Professional Steering Committee for research into “The not-spoken traumas.” Dealing with the post-traumatic phenomena among women who emigrated from Ethiopia to Israel in “Operation Moses.” A joint study by the Community Services Department, Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, the Falk Institute and the Section for the Integration of Immigrants of the Israel Joint Distribution Committee.
1995 – 1997 Consultant for the boarding school management at the “Eshel-Hanasi” youth village.

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